Frequently Asked Questions

We are having problems with (mag stripe) cards reading. What do you need to tell us what's wrong?

Often we can provide some insight as to why mag stripe cards fail to work. It's VERY important, however, that the actual cards that are failing to work be submitted for analysis. Usually 4-6 cards provide enough clues to identify the problem. We'll test all the interchange parameters that are known to cause unsuccessful reading and return the cards along with a report detailing our findings and possible suggestions for resolution. Our all inclusive test fee for Problem Analysis service is $400.

Where can I go to learn about card standards?

A listing of all card standards can be found at Feel free to call Brad Paulson at Eclipse Laboratories should you have questions.

We want to conduct our own card testing. Where can we go to obtain equipment?

Eclipse Laboratories only provides card testing services, but we are happy to discuss where to purchase equipment. See for a list of equipment sources. Feel free to call Brad Paulson at Eclipse Laboratories should you have questions or wish to discuss.

How many cards do you need to test for compliance to ISO/IEC 7810?

50 cards. Generally, we test 3 cards for each testable parameter described in ISO/IEC 7810. We follow the test methods described in ISO/IEC 10373-1:2006. However, we can test as few or as many cards as you wish for any of the parameters. While there are no requirement for sample size specified for most of the parameters, we suggest 3 cards per type. Please call or email a request for a test fee quotation and estimation of completion time. After the tests are completed we'll email you an electronic version of the report (unsigned) and deliver a signed hardcopy, along with your test cards.