Eclipse Laboratories provides testing services to the Plastic Card industry.

International Standards establish minimum requirements for cards used in interchange. Magnetic stripe analysis, lamination bond strength, surface irregularities, placement and size of various card attributes, flexure properties, abrasion resistance, chemical exposure and temperature extremes are typical tests for evaluation of cards used in a variety of applications.

Integrated circuit cards (Contact and Contactless IC Cards) have additional interchange parameters which Eclipse Laboratories can provide independent test results for parameters that include static discharge, flexure, torsion and contact profile.

Eclipse Laboratories can perform all the durability tests specified in the AAMVA DL/ID Standard for driver licenses.

Founded in 1993, Eclipse Laboratories specializes in testing cards for ISO compliance as well as all card durability tests established by ANSI/INCITS B10. Eclipse actively participates at US National standards meetings organized by ANSI/INCITS which provides the US input to the International (ISO) standardization activities.
About Eclipse Laboratories

A staff of two, located in Bloomington, Minnesota, Eclipse Laboratories test personnel have over 25 years combined experience in card testing.
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